Accessories & Hardware

Oak Pointe has many accessories and hardware items to make any staircase project stand out.  Whether the staircase is straight, spiral, has a landing, is curved, or even if the project is a library ladder.


Rosette accessories can be made in any of Oak Pointe’s standard wood species and can also be made utilizing most other specialty wood species. Rosettes are a beautiful way to finish the handrail when it bumps up to a wall and they can be any standard size in round, oval, square, and rectangle. Rosettes can also be made to fit any custom size project needs.

Stringer Brackets

Stringer Brackets are another popular accessory. These are beautifully carved wood, sculpted, or panel brackets that can be placed just under the stair treads on the stringer. The stringer is the portion of the stair running along the stair side. Stringer brackets provide instant impact on any style and type of staircase. These can be manufactured in most any wood species.

Handrail Mounting

Oak Pointe has a variety of mounting hardware available for wall or newel mounting. 

Plugs & Buttons

To fill drilled holes flat head plugs or buttons are available in many species.

Newel Installation

Finally, Oak Pointe also carries hardware options to install wood newels. Two of the most popular choices are:

  1. Fas-N-Fast Newel Mounting System, which is completely concealed and does not need any trim or plugs. This system is ideal for installing round or square newels. The kits come with two 2” disks and a threaded stud.  Six screws are required for installation and chosen by the installer based upon field conditions. See this video for instructions on how to install.

  2. 3008 SURE-TITE™ Newel Fastening System which anchors the newel with a 10-3/4” L lag bolt.