Treads & Starting Steps

Oak Pointe has many standard options for treads and starting steps all available in our standard wood species and specialty species upon request.

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Treads are the horizontal part of the staircase where you place your foot. 12 standard species are available and a multitude of specialty species can also be requested. Treads can be made in any variety of shapes, sizes, and can be developed using metal accents, or other custom material.

  • Typical bullnose front treads and landing treads are standard ¾” or 1-1/16” thick in various standard depths and lengths.

  • Flat front treads with square edges or edges having a small radius are very popular today.

  • Returns are added to the ends of treads when used with open stringers.

  • Enhance the appearance of a stairway with bow front starting steps and treads.

  • Winder tread blanks or Finished Winder Treads. These are used when a staircase curves.

  • False end treads – (economical option) when carpeting the center of your tread while having a finished wood section that goes at the end(s).

  • Thick treads such as 2”, 3”, or 4” for that contemporary stair that you always wanted.

  • Butcher block options

  • See our Thick Tread Guidelines in our Catalog Edition 3.0


Risers are the vertical portion of each step. Risers come in a variety of standard or custom sizes. Custom treads, landing treads, risers and starting steps available to match your specifications.

Landing Treads

Landing treads trim the front of landings or balconies. They are available as bending kits or CNC cut to the radius of your landing.  To complete your stair trimmings needs Oak Pointe offers false tread & return nosings, cove & shoe moulding, and flooring.

Starting Steps

Rooms can be made grander by adding a starting step. Starting steps add to the beauty of a staircase. All steps include, tread, riser, shoe & cove mouldings. The first step of your staircase can be larger to showcase a more elegant beginning to your stair, usually combined with an elegant turnout or volute rail fitting. The starting steps come in any number of options including:

  • Single or double end; which means the step has an exaggerated radius end that goes beyond the tread on either one or both sides.

  • Various standard size and radii.

  • Enhance with a bow front; which means that the width at the center of the step is wider than at the ends.

  • Winder styles for curved staircases winder stair treads are placed on the curve.

  • Double stacked starting steps for added beauty.