Interior designers and architects often use columns as features or focal points of rooms. For example, if there is a fireplace in the space they can mirror the newels featured on a staircase with those featured on the fireplace. Scaling the look of both to fit the space will ensure that there is symmetry as well as impact in the space. Similarly, columns in a foyer can match those featured on the staircase. With Oak Pointe, every column can be milled to match the handcrafted components of the staircase.  

Oak Pointe columns and posts have not been compression tested for their weight bearing ability and therefore are sold as non-weight bearing. Should a column or post need to be weight bearing, Oak Pointe can make one of our columns or posts with a hollow void in the middle so it can surround a structural post that is weight bearing. Contact us for more details on this type of column.

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Round columns are available with a tapered or non-tapered shaft and either plain (smooth) or with a variety of milling options. Typically, round columns are used with a cap and base and Oak Pointe offers standard options of Tuscan caps & bases and attic bases. Oak Pointe makes round columns in standard diameters up to 14 3/4” and standard lengths up to 12’. Oak Pointe also makes smaller island and fireplace columns.


Oak Pointe produces square columns in a number of styles. They can either be tapered, meaning the top is narrower than the bottom, or non-tapered and made with or without panels.  Caps and bases can be a Mission or Tuscan style.


Octagon columns are offered in many standard sizes with a non-tapered shaft and Tuscan cap & base.  For other sizes and options please contact us.


Oak Pointe columns can be ordered as halves (in pairs). They can be made in Round, which can also be split to use as pilasters and can also be split and machined for biscuits. The biscuits are supplied to assist with reassemble around a structural post. If the half columns are square or octagon, they can also be split to use as pilasters. For standard square and octagon columns with standard shaft sizes 5 1/2 “ or wider, Oak Pointe will leave 2 joints open (no glue) so they can be assembled around a structural post.

Oak Pointe also makes smaller island and fireplace columns. Columns can also be produced with either plain or decorative milling options.