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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell directly to me?

We sell through an extensive network of Building Supply Centers/Lumber Yards, Millwork Companies, Specialty Retailers, and Custom Stair Designers/Manufacturers.

Where can I buy Oak Pointe products?

We sell through an extensive network of Building Supply Centers/Lumber Yards, Millwork Companies, Specialty Retailers, and Custom Stair Designers/Manufacturers. If you do not fall into one of those categories, you can contact Oak Pointe directly and we would be happy to answer your questions and provide a dealer near you.

Can you design my stairway for me?

No, we are not professional designers.

Do you install stairs?

No, Oak Pointe is a manufacturer of stair components and other millwork components.

Can you send someone to my job site to measure my stairs?

No, your stair installer/contractor should be able to handle that aspect of the job.

How far apart should my balusters be installed?

Check your local building codes, but in general the spacing of your vertical balusters or horizontal infill has to be close enough that a 4” ball cannot pass through any portion of the opening between the parts. In the case of cable, it can stretch even after it has been tensioned, so 1/8” cable should be installed 3-1/8” on center and 3/16” cable should be installed 3-3/16” on center.

How many balusters do I need?

It is recommended that for every foot there should be three balusters (depending on the design). In theory, this will keep you compliant with the 4” sphere rule mentioned in the above question.

What is the difference between 3-length and 5-length balusters?

3-Length standard lengths are 34”, 38” & 42”. The bottom block gets longer as you go from one length to the next (turning length stays the same). When installed on the stair, the bottom blocks follow the angle of your stair.

5-Length standard lengths are 31”, 34”, 36”, 39” & 42”.  The bottom block is the same in all lengths and the turning length gets longer. When installed on the stair, the bottom blocks align across the tread they are installed on.
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Why is Pine a specialty wood species?

We have 13 wood species in stock and many others that we work with on a regular but non-stock basis. We work with many types of pine, but they are special order.

Does Oak Pointe offer painted wood balusters?

Yes, we offer primed-flat white wood balusters. We recommend finishing them with a top coat in the field.

Do you supply pre-finished parts?

We offer primed wood components but recommend a final finish on the job.

Do you make wreathed handrail and fittings?

Of course! We offer straight rail, bending rail, level curved rail, wreathed rail, and all the necessary fittings.

How long can you make wood handrail?

26-foot in both straight and bending rail.

Can you make custom iron balusters?

Yes. We are not a manufacturer of iron, but we have access to standard and custom iron balusters.

Can you mix solid and hollow iron balusters?

We do not recommend mixing them on the same job because details and finishes may not match between solid and hollow balusters.

Do you fabricate your own Stainless Steel?

Yes, we can fabricate Stainless Steel to most specifications.

Can you provide a drawing before I order?

If it is a standard part we can provide a drawing. For custom parts, we will send sign-off drawings after an order is placed. We do not provide drawings for full renderings of wood staircases. However, for our Modern Metal Made Easy Collection we provide take-off drawings for every order.

Do you offer exterior products?

Yes. All Oak Pointe wood components can be manufactured for exterior use.
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Is there any finishing work that needs to be done to my wood components?

Your wood products come fully hand-sanded and ready to be stained and sealed. We recommend your painter do a light sanding before final applications due to climate changes and handling.