Box newels

Traditional. Contemporary. Victorian. Tapered. Octagon.

All Oak Pointe Box Newels are handcrafted with the highest quality workmanship. Lock miter joints with solid face grain sides are utilized with every newel, stile, and rail construction with true floating panels. Oak Pointe has an extensive offering available from plain, fluted milling options to flat panels, raised panels, and radius top panels.

Oak Pointe has a broad offering of standard box newels, but manufacturing custom ones in most any size and wood species are also available.

Box newels are available in any configuration of design and wood species. At Oak Pointe, we only use solid wood and never veneers, or MDF (medium density fibreboard) in our construction. Our box newels also feature lock mitered corners for sturdy construction and solid internal blocking at the top to allow for easy attachment of your handrail. Each box newel comes with a loose mounting block for the bottom and it can be used with the mounting hardware of your choice (this hardware is sold separately).

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Full length solid core blocking available as well as solid (laminated) box newels.

Stile & Rail Construction. This type of construction is characterized by a frame and panel. The vertical frames are called stiles while the horizontal parts are known as rails. There are also many sticking options available including Round, Square (Shaker), Step, and Large.

Straight, Eyebrow or Round Top Panels. These beautiful accents can be the focal point of any room and can be designed and built specifically to match your interior doors using any wood specie.

For floating, raised, or flat panels, we have a variety of options. Depending on the style that is trying to be achieved, these options can look sleek, contemporary, or modern. Options include stainless steel, Chemetal®, or wood panels. There are also many other options including applied panel mouldings.  

Raised panel wainscoting is available in all species and finishes of wood and can make a room warm and inviting or contemporary. They can be used anywhere from the bedroom, to the living room to the bathroom.