CNC Machinery

To produce the most diversified offering of products, Oak Pointe employs a wide variety of CNC machinery that produce the best quality and precise cuts of wood, metal and other materials.

A CNC machine is a computer-controlled cutting machine, allowing for the precise cuts based on the designs programmed utilizing CAD/CAM software for any staircase or millwork project.

Precise size of newels, balusters and other staircase components will be exactly to the specific dimensions requested.

Oak Pointe receives many project requests for parts for many restoration projects. We are able to use photographs, specific design drawings, or even just a concept. If the project calls for an existing part to be replicated the most exact way to accomplish this is to send Oak Pointe a sample or a CAD file, but without knowing all of the specific dimensions, Oak Pointe has sophisticated CAD/CAM software and programming methods that can determine the design specs for that piece. Oak Pointe also has highly experienced craftsmen on staff who will help execute any staircase or millwork design project with top-of-the-line software and state-of-the-art machinery Oak Pointe has in-house.

While the machines have broad capabilities, it is the combination of our craftsmen and machines that allow Oak Pointe to manufacture simple to complex components. No matter how complex a design the homeowner, builder, architect, or designer chooses Oak Pointe will almost certainly be able to produce it.  

With the extensive software and machinery available, Oak Pointe can deliver beautiful staircase and millwork parts for any project.