iron balusters

Gothic, contemporary, and European are just some of the inspirations for the Oak Pointe Iron Baluster Collections. Oak Pointe has beautiful Pacific and European Collections that include styles for all décor featuring ribbons, twists, and baskets and even geometric shapes and scroll work.  

The solid bar European Collection Iron Balusters are desirable not only for the manufacturing skill from Europe, but they are known for their exquisite powder coated colors and quality.

Our iron balusters from the Pacific Collection are all hollow tubes designed in the latest styles, such as our Balto Series.

For interior use only. Collection balusters should not be mixed on the same job.

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Finishes for the Pacific (Hollow) Collection Include: View the Design Selection Guide

Finishes for the European (Solid) Collection include (matching handrail brackets available):
View the Design Selection Guide

Oak Pointe can supply powered coated iron balusters in the color of your choice. For more colors, go to and choose from hundreds.