Additional Modern Metal Literature:

For the convenience of Oak Pointe customers, we have developed several Modern Metal Guides to help customers understand the cost of various systems (Price Comparison Guide) and checklist(s) to help streamline the quoting process.

Cable & Glass Systems

For staircases both interior & exterior, glass and cable systems are perfect for those who wish to achieve a modern/contemporary look with minimal obstruction. We have many examples of how a contemporary, open design can be achieved for any project. Additionally, there are endless options of how both the glass and cables can be used to elevate a design, or add elements to a design that allow for sleek, clean, and clear sight lines.

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To discuss a prospective project with Oak Pointe, get in touch and tell us about it.  We are full service and will provide:

With all Modern Metal Quotes

  1. Take-Offs

  2. Skilled Estimates (Get Checklist)

With all Modern Metal Orders

  1. Extensive CAD Drawings Detailing Entire System

  2. Machined, Labeled, and Ready to Install Components.
    (all stainless steel newels are all machined and ready for installation unless otherwise requested)

Cable Systems

  1. 1/8” and 3/16” diameters are stocked options. For special applications, larger diameters are available. Discrete in size, Oak Pointe has inside mount and through newel fitting options.

  2. Fittings are available swaged and or swageless. Cable systems designed by Oak Pointe will have one end swaged* and one end swageless or both ends swageless for easy installation.

* cable will be swaged by Oak Pointe before shipping your order.

Glass Systems

  1. Glass Adaptors for Fascia Mounted Glass Without Newels

  2. Fascia & Top Mount Base Shoes Mounts Glass Without Newels

  3. Glass Clamps Mounted on Wood or Stainless Steel Newels

For all systems, newels can be wood or stainless steel (round, rectangular or square) as well as the handrail.