handrails & Fittings

The handrail is one of the main focal points of any staircase. Designers, architects, and contractors have recently taken a renewed interest on this beautiful safety element. For the best look, Oak Pointe’s standard handrail construction is solid ply (fingerjoint free in most cases, longer handrails and certain wood species may require fingerjoints). Handrail is available as straight rail, bending rail, and wreathed (tangent). To accommodate tight turns and climbing situations, consider Oak Pointe’s wreathed components for a graceful solution to a difficult problem.

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Plowed Handrail

A plowed handrail works well with square top wood balusters and is constructed with a special groove cut into the bottom, for a clean look that disguises any mounting materials. Plows can be cut into any handrail with fillet provided by Oak Pointe or plowed to cap a metal railing without fillet.

Assembled Fittings

For over-the-post projects, Oak Pointe assembled handrail fittings will save valuable time on any project. Oak Pointe has a wide variety of standard size fittings and cap options to complete any rail system.

  • Starting fittings include: volutes, turnouts, and starting easings.

  • Level fittings are used when the handrail remains level and needs to start, stop or turn.

  • Numerous goosenecks are used when the staircase transitions from rake to level and sometimes back to another rake.

  • Fittings with climbing (wreathed) arms create a very graceful look for any staircase project which requires transitions as the stairs climb and turn.

  • Plowed with fillet in standard and custom sizes, or plowed for metal railing without fillet.

Cap Options

Oak Pointe has the largest selection of standard cap options to choose from. Caps can be round in standard, large, and extra-large sizes, octagon, or square. Square and round caps can have V-cut arms instead of the traditional one-piece arms. Select the style and size that best fits the over-the-posts newels selected for your project. Another choice to consider is adding mortgage buttons or medallions for more design impact.

Vertical Volutes

Vertical Volutes for all handrail profiles in traditional styles. Oak Pointe offers standard carvings such as dragon, eagle, lab, horse, leaf and lion, or any custom design a project requires.

Custom profiles are available for all rail and fitting options.