Additional Modern Metal Literature:

For the convenience of Oak Pointe customers, we have developed several Modern Metal Guides to help customers understand the cost of various systems (Price Comparison Guide) and checklist(s) to help streamline the quoting process.

Stainless Steel


As a part of our Modern Metal Collection, stainless steel components are an ideal material for those who wish to achieve a modern look with a unique potential for mixing media. stainless steel can be used both for interiors and outdoor spaces. There are many types of stainless steel and their durability depends on the amount of alloy metals. We offer grade 304 for typical interior applications and for exterior, or interiors with extreme conditions (such as a pool), we use 316 grade.

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To discuss a prospective project with Oak Pointe, get in touch and tell us about it.  We are full service and will provide:

With all Modern Metal Quotes

  1. Take-Offs

  2. Skilled Estimates (Get Checklist(s))

With all Modern Metal Orders

  1. Extensive CAD Drawings Detailing Entire System.

  2. Machined, Labeled, and Ready to Install Components.

    (all stainless steel newels are machined and ready for installation unless otherwise requested)

Oak Pointe Professional Newels. The posts providing support at the beginning and end, of a stair system, larger staircases may also require centrally located posts.

  1. Top Mount

  2. Fascia Mount – “Side” Mount

Oak Pointe Professional Handrails. There are countless design options for using both (or even a mix) of stainless steel and wood.   

  1. Wood

  2. Stainless Steel

Oak Pointe Infill Options

This is what fills a staircase between each of the newels, handrail and steps, floor or deck. It can be glass, bars/tubes, cable or even panels. To have a modern look and low cost, the round tubes in stainless steel or black powder coated finish mixed with our wood newels are recommended (Price Comparison Guide). Here are specifics on what can be included:

  1. Round Bars/Tubes (stainless and black powder coated)

  2. Flat Bars

  3. Cable

  4. Glass (base shoe and other systems without newels)

  5. Metal Panels