Milling Options

A milling option is a secondary wood operation that adds professional design elements or features to a wood product.  

Oak Pointe has a variety of standard milling options. If your project requires something different from these standard milling options, custom millwork may be accommodated on any project.

For more contemporary, straight-line tastes, Oak Pointe has square grooves, V-grooves, and corner bead milling options. There are more traditional options for millwork including flutes and twists. Applications of this millwork adds texture and beauty to any project. If a project requires more dramatic millwork accents, then rope twists, ribbons, barleys, or even Roman Doric flutes may be incorporated. Some of the most beautiful and even more dramatic millwork can be accomplished by utilizing hollow twists and hollow flutes. Oak Pointe has experienced craftspeople that can consult on any project.  

Architects and designers create visual impact by designing projects that feature multiple patterns and milling options. Milling is available on ALL of Oak Pointe wood components.

Oak Pointe has a rich history of creating beautiful interior and exterior spaces utilizing all the millwork options available. 

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Mission Milling

Other Milling Options