Your designs

The staircase is a grand feature in any space and Oak Pointe is delighted when an architect, homeowner, contractor or interior designer has specs or photos of a staircase they want to build, or that will be an inspiration for a staircase project they want to complete. In fact, Oak Pointe has an extensive collection of simple to complex designs in our catalog for staircases, columns, post, legs, and more.

Modification of Standard Parts

Many times, a project manager will want to use one of our standard parts in a project, but they would like to modify it to fit their specs. Oak Pointe can easily accommodate modifications such as:

  • Add a detail. Search our accessories for more inspiration of additions to any project.

  • Remove a detail. Sometimes classic and smooth lines are required, so Oak Pointe can remove any detail from our standard parts.

  • Oak Pointe can modify the size of any part to most any specification required.

Custom Designs

Oak Pointe continues to be inspired by the designs our customers come up with and create with our parts. A regular part of our business is helping create these special and custom designs.  More often, the inspiration for a beautiful staircase, column or other component is a photo or drawing from an architect or designer. Oak Pointe can also accept CAD files, photos or sketches, or even exact matches from samples. This part of the business continues to grow in popularity and utilization.

Oak Pointe can accommodate any design whether it is indoor or outdoor, utilizes virtually any wood species and cellular PVC (for turnings), a mix of metal and wood species or requires one or thousands of parts.