There are many ways you can treat wood to provide a distressed or rustic look. Oak Pointe can help anyone achieve a variety of unique rustic and distressed looks. Rustic and distressed texture options are done by hand by our experts. This unique process means that each piece has a distinctive charm. By choosing the right wood specie(s) to start the project, a variety of finished results can be achieved:

Character-Grade wood comes from newly-logged trees and will have knots, splits, holes, etc. There is no guaranteed size, amount, or placement of these markings.

Reclaimed wood is another rustic option provided by Oak Pointe. The beauty in reclaimed wood lies in its uniqueness, there are no guarantees on the number of knots or other character options, but it offers a one of a kind look. Reclaimed wood can be gathered from a variety of places: barns, fences, old warehouses, and factories. Oak Pointe has suppliers that can consistently provide quality reclaimed material for custom millwork.

Finishing Tip Darker finishes will accent the textures of the wood. If lighter finishes are desired, it is recommended a black glaze as a background to increase the visibility of the surfaces. The proper finishing will enhance the texture and look of your preferred wood species. All Oak Pointe Rustic parts come unfinished.

Selection Guide

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Distressed. Using a variety of tools, the distressing techniques give wood an aged, worn look.

Rough Sawn. The surface of the boards are cut with special saw blades to create the desired effect.

Hand Hewn. Popular in-home ceiling beams, hand hewn options such as, hand hewn #11, are cut into shape using an “adze” which is an old term for a broad axe.

Hand Scraped. A technique where wood is made to look older and the aesthetics of a room warmer by doing what the name implies, hand scraping.


Some other wood treatments include nail heads and wood plugs:

Wood Plug. Nail heads can be added to wood to add a custom look. Nail heads come in a variety of sizes and are another way of adding more personality and appeal to a variety of projects.

Nail Heads. A wood plug can be used anywhere a screw is installed in wood, or simply an accent. This is a beautiful millwork detail and are a showcase of quality carpentry. They are typically either darker or lighter than the base wood and are regularly used in bookcases, cabinets and railings.

Option- Plugs DSC_6784.jpg

*All wood products can be purchased in Rustic Texture options – contact us for more information.